Play JFS Puzzle of the day and win freebies

Every monday and friday and some other random weekdays (stay tuned), JFS will put up a puzzle or quiz at 8pm and the first user to comment (except otherwise stated) with the right answer gets the freebie on offer. The gift on offer for each session will be mentioned in the post.

For you to stand a chance to win, comment with your name and include your registered JFS email address (if you are not a registered JFS user or if you did not register before playing the game, the prize will be forfeited and given to the next person with the correct answer).

Note that our terms and conditions apply. The offer elapses in 90 minutes if nobody is able to solve the puzzle. We will reveal the answers when the session is over.

See sample game below with the answer

Scramble this to get the launch date of Justfreestuffz


Answer Format – DD MM YYYY

Correct Answer – 15 11 2018


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  2. Good job done at Admin of justfreestuffz. Thank God today is Friday.. Can’t wait to be the first winner by 8pm. Lol…

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